Smart Shopping Tips

Smart Shopping

Minimize Trips to the Store
Making a list before leaving home can help make sure you get everything the first time.

No Need to Hoard
There is no disruption in supply chain, buy just enough for your family for a week or two

Protect Yourself in Public
Use sanitizer wipes on the carts and carry hand sanitizer if you can.

Social Distance
Leave space between you and other shoppers or employees - at least 6 feet.

Leave the Family at Home
Send just one person to the store to do the shopping to reduce public crowding.

Ask for Help
If you are sick, ask someone else to help complete the shopping. Self-isolate at home.

Shop Online
If you can afford to do your shopping online for either delivery or pickup, do it!

Restaurant Pickup & Delivery
Local restaurants may also be open for pickup or delivery. Call before to check their status.