Don't Fall for Cryptocurrency Scams

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Are you being encouraged to send cryptocurrency to repair a virus on your computer? 
  • Have you been told the only way to protect your money is making deposits to cryptocurrency ATM's?
  • Did someone ask you to lie to the bank or keep the reason for your cryptocurrency purchase a secret?
  • Are you in a relationship with someone online who is asking you to send them cryptocurrency purchased at an ATM?
  • Has someone promised you high returns on a cryptocurrency investment?
  • Has someone representing a government agency or law enforcement organization demanded you provide cryptocurrency to satisfy a warrant, a fine, or to post a bond for a relative in jail or prison?


Scammers use cryptocurrencies because the transactions are irreversible and hard to trace. Do not send any money. 

If you believe you have been the victim of a scam or are unsure whether someone is trying to scam you, please call the Naperville Police Department at (630) 420-6666.