Winter Operations Process


City crews start applying salt to roadways as soon as snow or ice begins to accumulate.

Two Types of Salt

  • ROCK SALT is an efficient and cost-effective method for small amounts of winter precipitation.

  • BRINE (SALT) SOLUTION is added to major roadways for additional safety.

  • The amount of salt used depends on:

    • Accumulation
    • Temperature
    • Road Conditions

Naperville's three salt domes can hold 18,000 tons of salt.


Our goal: Crews work to clear all 1,500 lane miles and 1,200 cul-de-sacs within 15 hours after snow stops falling. Heavier snows can take longer. 

Crews begin an all-out plowing operation once 2" of snow has accumulated and is still falling.  

  1. Arterial and main streets are plowed in the first phase. 
  2. Residential side streets are plowed in the second phase. 
  3. Cul-de-sacs, alleys and dead ends are cleared in the third phase. 

Cul-de-sacs are difficult to clear because there is less space in parkways to dump snow without burying driveways, mailboxes, streetlights or fire hydrants. 

Please don't park on the street. Parked cars are an obstacle to snow plows and result in large areas of snow and ice on the street.

Winter Operations Notifications

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