Permit Parking

City Council Eliminates Commuter Parking Permits Beginning Jan. 1

At its Sept. 5 meeting, City Council approved an ordinance to eliminate quarterly commuter parking permits and transition all spaces at the Naperville and Route 59 train station lots to daily fee parking. Please note: All existing quarterly commuter parking permits are still valid through Dec. 31.

Beginning Jan. 1, commuter parking permits will no longer be accepted and all commuters must pay for a daily space. A new daily rate of $3 for all spaces will also take effect at this time. A weekly discount of 5% and monthly discount of 10% will be offered.

Available Parking Facilities and Fees

Naperville Metra Station (Map)

    There are two permit lots at the Naperville Metra Station: the Burlington lot and the Kroehler lot. Beginning Oct. 9, the Kroehler Lot will convert to daily fee parking. The Burlington Lot will be reserved for permit holders through the end of the year. All Burlington and Kroehler permit holders should park in the Burlington Lot. Currently, there are no quarterly permits available for these lots. The City of Naperville also is no longer accepting applications for the Naperville Station commuter parking waitlists.

    Route 59 Metra Station (Map)

    On March 7, 2023, the Naperville City Council approved a plan to phase out quarter commuter parking permits. As part of that plan, quarterly permits are no longer available for the north side of the Route 59 Metra Station City of Naperville parking lot (contact the City of Aurora for parking on the south side of the Route 59 Metra Station).

    Reverse Commuter Parking Hangtag

    To obtain a reverse commuter parking hangtag, please complete the Reverse Commuter Parking Hangtag Application and submit it in person at the Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St., including a $25 nonrefundable application fee. Reverse commuters will pay the daily fee starting Jan. 1, 2024; there is no longer a quarterly fee. Please note that reverse commuters are required to remove their vehicles by 8 a.m.

    Commuter Parking Rules and Regulations

    All parking permit holders and waitlist applicants are subject to the Commuter Parking Rules and Regulations (PDF).

    Account Updates

    Per the Rules and Regulations, a permit holder or waitlist applicant is required to maintain up-to-date commuter parking account information. To update a commuter parking account, submit a completed Commuter Parking Account Update Form to

    Transportation Department - Commuter Parking

    TED Business Group
    400 S. Eagle St.
    Naperville, IL 60540
    TEL: (630) 420-6100 EMAIL:

    Canceling a Permit

    Submit a signed Commuter Parking Account Update Form with permit hangtag and current renewal sticker.