Ogden Pole Sign Replacement Grant Program

Program Description

Businesses may be eligible to receive matching grant funds designated to improve signage and enhance aesthetics along the East Ogden Avenue corridor. The Naperville City Council has approved $30,000 in grant funds to replace pole signs located along East Ogden Avenue, from Washington Street to Naper Boulevard. (View highlights of City Council resolution approving these grants.)

The City's Ogden Avenue Pole Sign Replacement Grant Program will provide up to $10,000 in matching grant funds for costs associated with the design, construction and installation of a new commercial monument, wall or blade sign. The program also provides for a simplified application and approval process, including administrative approval of certain variances to allow the new signage to be installed without the standard hearing process. This provision will save approximately three to four months in processing time.


Businesses eligible to receive these grants are those that:

  • are located along the East Ogden Avenue corridor, from Washington Street to Naper Boulevard
  • currently have a legal, but nonconforming, pole sign located on their property

Application and Award Process

Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, pending receipt and approval of all paperwork and availability of funds. Approved applicants will be required to install their new sign by the end of November of the year they are seeking funds in order to receive reimbursement. Completed applications and Disclosure of Beneficiaries forms (required) can be sent via email to Allison Laff, Deputy Director of Transportation, Engineering and Development, at laffa@naperville.il.us.

Download the application

Download the Disclosure of Beneficiaries form