Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement is a very important part of the Naperville Police Department's Traffic Section’s responsibilities. Officers patrol different sections of the city enforcing parking regulations daily. The Unit’s parking enforcement officers are assigned to four major parts of the city, including the Downtown Central Business District, the area surrounding North Central College and the 4th Avenue Naperville and Route 59 train stations.

Parking for special events, such as Last Fling and Ribfest, require officers to patrol the areas surrounding the event and tow cars as needed.

Here is some additional information about parking regulations throughout Naperville:

  • Street Parking - Parking on public streets is prohibited from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. to ensure accessibility. In emergencies, call the Police Department at (630) 420-6666 for special street parking permission. ***Please note that it is not necessary to call the Police Department regarding on-street overnight parking if you are getting your driveway replaced or seal coated.***
  • Downtown Parking - Locations and restrictions
  • Train Station Access - Information about daily fee and permit train station parking and the City's two Commuter Station Park-n-Ride lots

Chronic Parking Violators

Under the City of Naperville Municipal Code, a chronic parking violator is defined as the registered owner of any vehicle, which has been issued 10 or more parking tickets in Naperville within a one-year period. The registered owner is considered a chronic parking violator regardless of whether the parking tickets are outstanding, paid or any combination thereof. A registered owner shall not be considered a chronic parking violator if, after one year following the issuance of the last parking ticket, all outstanding tickets are paid.

If a chronic parking violator is illegally parked within the City of Naperville and cited for a parking violation, he/she is subject to the following penalties:

  • The fine amount will be doubled
  • The vehicle can be towed
  • Vehicles towed pursuant to Ordinance 02-178 will be impounded until any overdue parking tickets have been paid

For information on the status of unpaid or overdue parking tickets, please contact the Naperville Police Department's Records Section at (630) 420-6157.

For inquiries regarding the status of an individual's designation as a chronic parking violator, please contact the Traffic Section at (630) 420-6160.