Development Petition and Application

Coming Soon

In the weeks ahead, customers will be able to apply for many permits and licenses and submit plans for review using the City’s new Permitting, Plans and Licensing Portal. The new portal gathers all of the information needed to apply, pay for, and manage these functions in one convenient place.

Concept meetings are the first step in the development review process and provide an opportunity for City staff and external customers to discuss potential development proposals prior to submittal for formal review. At the meeting, staff will explain applicable regulations or requirements, provide initial feedback regarding City staff’s support of the proposal and detail the City’s approval process. A project manager will be assigned to each case, which will serve as your single point of contact with the City.

For more information on obtaining development approval when consideration by the Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission and/or approval from the Naperville City Council is required, view the Petition for Development Approval (PDF).

For more information on obtaining zoning variance approval, view the Petition for Zoning Variance (PDF).

For more information on obtaining engineering approval, when consideration by the Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission and/or approval from the Naperville City Council is not required, view the Application for Engineering Approval (PDF).

Outline of Development Process

  1. Submit a Concept Meeting Request (PDF). 
  2. After the Concept Meeting and consultation with a project manager, submit a completed application (e.g. Petition for Development Approval, Petition for Zoning Variance, Application for Engineering Approval) including all materials and fees (if applicable, refer to your Concept Meeting Checklist for required submittals and fees). Submittals will not be accepted and/or processed until all of the submittal requirements are met. Once the completed application is accepted, a case number will be assigned. 
  3. The completed application materials will be forwarded to City departments (e.g. planning, utilities, engineering) for review and comment. There is a 21-day review cycle for first submittals; and a 14-day review cycle for any subsequent submittals. At the conclusion of the review cycle(s), the project manager will provide the department review comments. Comments may necessitate revisions to plans prior to the scheduling of a Planning and Zoning Commission and/or City Council meeting (if a public hearing/meeting is required). 
  4. An assigned project manager will work with you to schedule a public hearing/meeting before the Planning and Zoning Commission (if required). You will be notified of the hearing/meeting date and will work with the assigned project manager and community planner to complete the required public hearing/meeting notice. City staff will complete newspaper notification requirements; you are required to complete written notice and posting of a sign on the property at least 15 days, but no more than 30 days, prior to the scheduled hearing (unless otherwise directed by staff). 
  5. Following a public hearing and recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission, your case will be scheduled for City Council consideration (if required). Cases will not be scheduled for a City Council meeting until staff has determined that all plans are in technical compliance.