Fence Permit


Building Permits

The City is now accepting electronic building permit applications online.  To apply for a permit, please submit a copy of your application and all required documents via email to buildingpermits@naperville.il.us.

Permit fees will be determined during the review process.  Upon approval, an invoice will be emailed to you for payment.  Payment must be made by phone using a credit card before the final permit will be issued.

Permit applications and/or payments will not be accepted in person the the Municipal Center.

Electrical Equipment Access

One obstacle city employees face when trying to obtain access to electrical equipment is fences. The two electrical facilities that city employees most often will need access to are transformers and pedestals. When installing a fence, residents should adhere to the following regulations in respect to transformers and pedestals.


In order to provide sufficient access for DPU-E, the following requirements shall be met if a transformer is located near the fence.

  1. A five foot (5') clearance on all sides, with a removable fence (pins) or gate in front of the side in which the transformer opens (side with lock).
  2. A ten foot (10') clearance must be kept in front of the side in which the transformer opens, if no gate or removable section of the fence is incorporated.
  3. If proper clearance cannot be achieved, a gate or removable fence section must be installed in a manner so that the section can be removed without the use of tools. 


In order to provide sufficient access for DPU-E, the following conditions must be met if a pedestal is located near the fence.

  1. A three foot (3') clearance on all sides must be maintained.

Always Call JULIE Before You Dig at 8-1-1 or (800) 892-0123.

If you have any further questions concerning this matter or your electrical service, please contact the DPU-E Operations Division at (630) 420-6181.

Development Requirements

  1. A copy of the Plat of Survey (draw fence placement on copies of plat).
  2. Fences may not exceed six feet (6') in height. However, fences along major arterial roadways may be constructed up to nine feet (9') in height.
  3. The finished side of the fence must face away from the lot on which it is constructed.
  4. Fences may be placed up to the property line. However, a fence over three feet (3') high may not extend nearer to a front lot line than the front facade of the principal building.
  5. Fences along corner side yard lot lines must be set back to the corner side yard line.
  6. Double fronting lots (lots with streets on two sides), except corner lots, must have a gate installed for access to each right-of-way. Property owner is required to maintain the public row.
  7. Call JULIE (underground utility locators) at least 48 hours before you dig: (24-hour toll free....1-800-892-0123).
  8. Fences may not interfere with applicable stormwater management standards. 

I have read the above information and am ready to complete a Fence Permit application (PDF).