Sanitary Service Lateral Lining Process

2. Cleanout Installation

The second step in service lateral rehabilitation is to install a cleanout in the front yard. The excavation crew carefully removes the sod and saves it to be reinstalled after the cleanout is in place. Then they create a driveway across the front yard using plywood sheets so that the vacuum excavator truck will not damage the grass. Alternative excavation may be required depending on soil conditions, utility conflicts and equipment access.

The crew uses the vacuum excavator to create a roughly 2' x 2' hole to expose the service lateral. High-pressure water is shot from the vacuum excavator to loosen the soil, and the powerful vacuum deposits the material into a holding tank. When the service line is exposed, the crew cleans the exterior of the pipeline and installs the cleanout. In most installations, there is little evidence that the crew has worked in the yard. The cleanout cap is level with the ground and usually installed in the front yard.