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The Senior Task Force, which was established at the direction of the 2014 Naperville City Council, is helping address the unique needs of Naperville’s growing senior population. As of the most recent census figures in 2018, more than 17,000 Naperville residents were over the age of 65, which accounts for almost 12 percent of the City’s population.

This group promotes coordination among existing senior service providers in the Naperville area; improves awareness among seniors of available resources to assist them; and develops recommendations to address service gaps related to transportation challenges, housing concerns and healthcare resources.

To ensure seniors’ needs are being met, the task force will also work with service providers to promote efficiencies and new partnerships that address local needs. The group will also proactively reach out to seniors for their thoughts and ideas via interviews, workshops, focus groups and surveys. Regular reports will be issued to the Mayor and City Council on the task force’s findings.

Meeting Information

The Senior Task Force meets at 8 a.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the Naperville Employee University (NEU) room on the lower level of the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St.

Senior Task Force News and Events

2019 Senior of the Year Award 

The 2019 Senior of the Year award was presented to two very deserving individuals - Anne Henriksen and Jim Kauffmann - at the August 20, 2019 City Council meeting.

Anne Henriksen

 Anne Henriksen works with the Naperville Newcomers and Neighbors Club and is active in her church, Bridge Communities, and Families Helping Families. Anne has been very active with kids and homeless youth and is known as an individual who is "always there to help."

Jim Kauffmann

 Jim Kauffmann's passion has always been to help others, both personally and professionally. He is known as a friend and a listener and has been the go-to person in his condominium community, overseeing landscaping projects, helping neighbors with maintenance work, and working tirelessly to make it a better place to live.  If there is a problem, Jim is there to fix it. He has also been very active in his church. 

The Senior Task Force is very proud of this year's two seniors of the year. They truly help to make Naperville a wonderful city in which to live.