Life Safety

Below are programs to help ensure seniors’ basic safety needs are adequately met. You may also check online for different devices and services such as Life Alert and other medical alert programs.

City of Naperville Fastrack Program

TEL: (630) 548-2967

Clients who are part of the Fastrack Program wear a personalized wristband that emits a continual silent tracking signal. The signal can be tracked on the ground or in the air over several miles within City limits. When caregivers notify the Naperville Police Department that a client is missing, a search and rescue team responds and begins tracking the client with a mobile tracking system reducing search times from hours and days to minutes. 

City of Naperville Caring Hands Program

TEL: (630) 548-2967

This voluntary program allows residents to provide first responders with critical facts about themselves or a loved one with developmental, intellectual, medical or physical disabilities who  may require special assistance during an emergency.

City of Naperville Senior Home Inspection Program

TEL: (630) 305-5900

The Naperville Police Department and the Naperville Fire Department have partnered in an effort to keep Naperville seniors living at home safe by providing the Senior Home Inspection Program (SHIP). Naperville senior citizens receive in-home safety and security information as well as fire and fall prevention tips. 

Naperville Township Loan Closet

TEL: (630) 355-2786 ext. 4403

Loans an assortment of medical supplies such as walkers, bath and shower benches, commodes and wheelchairs for a period of three months, with a one-time renewal. 

Naperville and Lisle Townships TRIAD

Partnership of law enforcement, senior citizens and community groups that focuses on enriching the lives and safety of all senior citizens in Naperville and Lisle Townships. Triad empowers seniors to become involved in crime prevention within their community and presents programs to enhance safety and increase senior involvement in community programs.