What's Next, Naperville?

In February 2021, the City began work on a strategic plan to identify its vision for the future and priorities essential to achieving it.

The public involvement phase of the project, which ended in August 2021, included a community survey with over 2,700 participants who shared input on strengths and weaknesses of Naperville as well as city services. Additional online engagement activities gathered feedback from the community on sustainability, public art, community events, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Through this process, the following areas were determined to be the highest priorities for the City:

  1. Financial Stability and Economy
  2. Housing Choice
  3. Infrastructure and Utilities
  4. Public Safety
  5. Sustainability

City staff incorporated public input as well as direction from elected officials to develop the Bridge to 2023 Priorities Plan, which includes initiatives and goals in each of the identified priority areas. The plan was approved by the Naperville City Council on Dec. 7, 2021 and will serve as a touchstone for city operations over the next three years.

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Progress Updates

City staff is providing two formal Priorities Plan progress updates in 2022: one in April and a second in October in conjunction with the start of the 2023 budget workshops.

To assess progress, the City is using adequate resource availability as its measurement tool. Adequate resources are defined as the appropriate amount of personnel, finances, and materials available and in place to move forward with goals as planned.

Fall 2022 Update

The fall update will take place at the Oct. 4 City Council meeting and focus on the financial stability and economy, infrastructure and utilities, and housing choice priorities.

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Detailed Status Update - October 2022

City Council Presentation Slides - Oct. 4, 2022

Below is the October 2022 snapshot of the five priority areas and their status. (Text within the image below can be viewed in Priorities Overview detailed status update.)


Overview of October 2022 Priorities Plan

Spring 2022 Update

The first 2022 update focused on public safety and sustainability. 

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Detailed Status Update - April 2022

City Council Presentation Slides - April 19, 2022