Naperville Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)

Naperville Emergency Management Agency Logo

The Naperville Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) prepares for, protects against, responds to and recovers from natural and manmade incidents and events up to and including major disasters. The agency is run by an EMA Coordinator with support from a strong volunteer group, the sole purpose of which is to prepare the City and its residents to cope with any emergencies or disasters that may arise.

NEMA provides support and education to the citizens, city government and the private sector within the City of Naperville to address a growing demand for increased preparedness and response to emergency incidents, especially weather-related disasters, hazardous materials spills, earthquakes, telecommunications and electrical power breakdowns, and other problems.

Naperville has one of the top rated programs in the state of Illinois.

NEMA Volunteers

NEMA volunteers provide support service in various areas to emergency service agencies when an emergency event affects the City of Naperville and some surrounding areas. NEMA is always in need of good dedicated volunteers who would like to give back to the community.

Volunteer requirements:

  • No prerequisites except a desire to serve and willingness to learn
  • Age of 18 or older
  • Sign “Loyalty” oath
  • Be a resident of Naperville
  • Be a US citizen or legal resident in the US
  • Be in an appropriate physical condition to serve in one of the selected units

Communications Unit

The primary responsibility of the Communications Unit includes establishing and providing ancillary communications during times of limited communications, including disasters and emergencies. The Communications Unit also provides logistics support during emergency situations. In addition, the Communications Unit supports Emergency Weather Operations and provides weather spotting services during times of potentially damaging weather.

Field Unit

The primary responsibility of the Field Unit is to provide support for community emergencies and disasters including major Police and Fire activities. During non-emergency conditions, the Field Unit provides support for community activities (e.g. special events). The Field Unit may also provide community outreach and training on preparedness topics.

Search and Rescue (SAR) Unit

The primary responsibility of the Search and Rescue (SAR) Unit is to provide trained Ground Search and Rescue support for Naperville and surrounding areas. The Search Unit operates as an affiliated unit with the Illinois Search and Rescue Council and the Will County Emergency Mana genet Agency. During non-emergency conditions, the Search and Rescue Team provides support for community activities (e.g. special events).

Weather Unit

The primary responsibilities of the Weather Unit are to establish and operate Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Weather Operations, monitor the weather situation during times of potentially damaging weather and provide weather status information to Naperville Public Safety operations. The Weather Unit also provides training about weather to other response agencies and the public, as requested.