Traffic Unit

The primary responsibilities of the Traffic Unit are to improve traffic safety and facilitate the safe movement of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians throughout the City of Naperville. The Traffic Unit also enforces parking regulations and oversees the officer permanently assigned to the Central Business District in downtown Naperville.

Traffic Enforcement

Naperville police officers patrol both the arterial and residential roadways of Naperville enforcing traffic laws. Besides speed enforcement activity, the Traffic Section also gathers statistical data and disseminates it to all patrol officers. This data includes high accident locations along with areas of concern brought to our attention by residents and community groups. The intent is to direct enforcement to the areas identified as being problematic.

Accident Investigation and Reconstruction

Naperville's traffic officers are specially trained investigators in traffic crash reconstruction and investigation. Officers are called to the scene of all serious injury and fatal vehicle traffic crashes to reconstruct the scene and describe the events of the crash.