Tenant Build-Out and Business Occupancy Permits


Tenant Build-Out meetings have been discontinued until the Municipal Center is reopened for public meetings.  In the interim, applicants are encouraged to submit permit applications online.  Links for the application packets can be found below:

Business Occupancy Permit

A Business Occupancy permit is issued for new businesses that are assuming a tenant space, but are not performing any modification to the building.  A change in business name or ownership requires application for a Business Occupancy permit.

Tenant Build-Out Permit

A Tenant Build-Out permit is issued for businesses that wish to modify the interior or exterior of the building.  The permit may be issued for a new business, a change in tenant, or for an existing tenant that wants to do some remodeling.  Minor updates like painting and new carpeting do not require a permit.

To apply for a permit, please submit a copy of your application and all required documents via email to buildingpermits@naperville.il.us.  If you have a large submittal exceeding 20 MB, please send an email with only the application attached and we will provide information on how to submit your supporting documents.


Tenant Build-Out Meetings

Tenant Build-Out (TBO) is a meeting for new businesses looking to occupy an existing commercial, retail or industrial space. Even if you are just “changing the name on the door,” it is important to attend this meeting. TBO offers a “one-stop-shop” type experience where you will be able to meet one-on-one with City officials representing the building, fire and planning departments, as well as the electric utility. If you are planning to make changes to an existing business space, they can review your proposal and confirm any permit requirements for you.

The following items are required:

  • Four (4) sets of architectural plans including a floor plan (key plan) of the entire building with all tenant space(s) located;
  • Sets must be sealed on the front page by an architect or structural engineer licensed by the State of Illinois. The front page of each set must be signed. 
  • Complete BOUND sets of plans are required. Incomplete sets will not be accepted.

Each set of blueprints must be complete and include the following:

  • Architectural plans
  • Electrical - service diagram and reflected ceiling plans
  • Plumbing - riser and underground
  • Structural - wall section, detailed floor plans and elevations
  • Mechanical - HVACSite plan and location
  • Fire alarm and/or fire sprinkler plans (existing)

Construction documents shall be dimensioned and drawn on a maximum of 36”x 24” paper.

Drawings are to be rolled individually with the title block facing out. 

Sets consisting of only 1 or 2 pages may be folded to display the architect’s seal and signature.

Any existing electrical, plumbing or mechanical/HVAC services, as well as existing structural elements, must be indicated on the drawings and labeled as “existing.” All others must be labeled as “proposed.”

If you are adding any lighting you must also submit a Lighting Compliance Certificate such as Comcheck. You can input your lighting information and print this certificate at the Energycodes.gov website.

Tenant Roster

Please include a tenant roster with your submittal. If there are other tenants located within the same building or development, the planning team must verify that there is enough parking for your intended use. The tenant roster is a matrix that you should be able to obtain from your landlord that contains the following information: the name of each business/tenant within the development, the type of business (i.e. retail, medical office, etc.), the square footage of each business, and the total number of parking spaces on the site.

Tenant Build-Out meetings are held every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. at

Naperville Municipal Center

Lower Level Meeting Rooms A&B
Naperville, IL 60540

Business Occupancy Permit

The TED Business Group has developed a similar fast-track process for qualifying Business Occupancy Permits. This process has been designed to expedite your application for a permit.

To achieve this, follow the steps outlined in the Simple Business Occupancy Packet (pdf).

Tenant Build-Out Permit

The Transportation, Engineering and Development (TED) Business Group has developed a fast-track process for qualifying simple Tenant Build-Outs. This process has been designed to expedite your application for a permit.

For more information and to complete the application, please follow the steps outlined in the Tenant Build-Out Packet (PDF). 

Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems

In order for the Fire Department to recommend that the City issue an occupancy permit, the following items must be completed prior to scheduling a final Fire Alarm/Fire Protection System inspection:

  • Exit and exit directional lights be installed over each door and functioning properly.
  • Emergency lights must be installed and functioning properly.
  • Fire extinguishers must be mounted and properly serviced and tagged with the current year.
  • The address, including suite number (if applicable) must be displayed on the front/rear door (minimum of 5-1/2 inches).
  • If applicable, plans for the Fire Alarm System(s) shall have been submitted and approved in accordance with City of Naperville requirements.
  • If applicable, plans for Fire Suppression System(s) shall have been submitted and approved in accordance with City of Naperville requirements.
  • Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Suppression Systems shall be monitored and tested in accordance with City of Naperville requirements.
  • The hood/duct system must be serviced and tagged with the current year and a functional test will be required.
  • A lockbox must be installed and keys available to be locked inside by the Fire Inspector at the time of the final inspection.
  • Fire lanes must be properly identified, and marked in accordance with City of Naperville requirements.