Choosing a Plumber

The Water Utility suggests that homeowners obtain three price quotes from licensed plumbers before beginning any work. The City cannot recommend plumbers, but here are some helpful tips for hiring and working with plumbers.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Plumber

  1. Make sure the plumber is licensed. Ask to see credentials before beginning a project.
  2. Get at least three price quotes from multiple plumbers or sewer cleaners.
  3. Always ask the plumber if work is guaranteed.
  4. If you have a long sanitary sewer service line (100 feet or more), ask the plumber if the equipment will adequately rod the distance of the sanitary sewer service line. For long service lines, larger rodding machines are necessary.
  5. The plumber should provide you a guarantee, in writing, that the blockage is pushed all the way into the City mainline. If they don’t push debris to the mainline, the problem may reoccur.
  6. If tree roots are obstructing the sewer line, the plumber must use a 4-6 inch expandable root cutter. Some plumbers use a “spear-head," but this tool only temporarily takes care of the problem.
  7. If the plumber has a problem rodding all the way to the City main, and the blockage is located in the parkway, street or easement, homeowners should call the City immediately before the plumber removes the sewer rod from the sewer line.
  8. If the plumber is unable to clear your service line and is suggesting to dig or install an outside cleanout, call the City immediately for assistance.
  9. Advise the plumber of any history of sanitary sewer back-ups at your residence.
  10. Many times, a customer is told they must replace or repair the service line when it really only needs an effective root-sawing. Before allowing any plumber to dig up and replace your sewer line, make sure he or she receives the proper City permit. We inspect all sewer lines before issuing a permit to ensure the work is necessary.