Sanitary Sewer Backflow Device Reimbursement Program

During heavy rainfall events, storm water enters the sanitary system as inflow and infiltration. This surcharging of the sanitary system may cause basement backups in dwellings and businesses.

The City of Naperville’s Water Utility Department has a long-term program in place to reduce and eliminate the frequency and severity of sanitary surcharges. The Water Utility currently has several programs using City crews, consultant engineers and contractors to locate and repair issues related to the City’s infrastructure. Efforts of this ongoing, long-term process include cleaning and televising of sanitary sewers, sanitary main smoke testing, stormwater main dye testing, building inspections, flow monitoring, and, lining and sealing of sewers. However, despite the City’s efforts, sanitary sewer backups can still occur.

A sanitary sewer back-up can be a stressful and costly problem. The installation of a backflow prevention device may give property owners immediate protection and peace of mind from recurring sanitary sewer backups.

Property owners who have experienced a sanitary sewer back-up from a floor drain during a heavy rainfall events may be eligible for the Sanitary Sewer Backflow Device Reimbursement Program.

Reimbursement Program

The City of Naperville offers residents and businesses the opportunity to participate in its Sanitary Sewer Backflow Prevention Device Program. This reimbursement program allows residential and business property owners to install the backflow prevention device of their choice, with the City will reimbursing 75 % of the cost.

The program is open to residents who have experienced a sanitary sewer backup caused by an intense rainfall event or a surcharged sanitary sewer system. The initiative allows for property owners to install the backflow prevention device of their choice, and the City will reimburse 75 percent of the cost.

Program Requirements

The City offers assistance only to those residents who have applied and have been approved for a reimbursement. Qualifications for reimbursement include the following:

  • Participant must be a City of Naperville wastewater customer.
  • Property owner must discuss the problem with the City of Naperville Collection and Pumping Supervisor to confirm the backup is being caused by a wastewater issue before qualifying for reimbursement. Many problems with water in basements involve storm water and not wastewater. This program will not a resolve storm water basement flooding.
Program Guidelines

Property owners must submit an application and be approved for reimbursement before work begins.

  1. Once approval for the program is granted, property owners will be required to obtain three written quotes. The City will pre-authorize one of the quotes for work to be performed. These quotes must include restoration.
  2. The City will normally select the lowest quote but reserves the right to reject all quotes should they exceed usually and customary charges for this type of installation.
  3. Once the City has given authorization, the work may be scheduled.
  4. The property owner is responsible for scheduling the work and paying the contractor for all associated installation work and restoration costs.
  5. Upon completion of the work, the property owner must submit proof of payment to the City before the City grants the reimbursement of of the agreed quote.
  6. All paper work for this program should be submitted to the Water Service Center located at 1200 W. Ogden Ave, Naperville, Il 60563.

Please note, backflow prevention devices under this program are to address sanitary sewer back-ups only, not storm water or sump pump-related backups, where water has entered the basement through foundation cracks, window wells, doors or as a result of an overwhelmed or failed sump pump.