Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Heavy rainfall events can cause inconvenient and costly damage to property due to sanitary sewer backups. The City of Naperville Water Utilities has implemented a strategic plan to reduce and eliminate the frequency and severity of these backups by reducing stormwater and groundwater infiltration into the sanitary sewer pipe network. This strategic plan has improved our sanitary pipe network significantly in recent years using sewer lining, manhole rehabilitation and pressure testing and grouting of joints.

The City hired contractors to complete this work in 2023 in the areas listed below.

Project Updates

Sanitary Lateral Rehabilitation in Downtown Naperville: The Naperville Water Dept. has contracted with Performance Pipelining Inc. to install cleanouts and rehabilitate the City’s sanitary sewer laterals on Washington Street from Benton Avenue to Jackson Avenue. The work, which will be completed in preparation for the next stage of the Downtown: Progress in Progress streetscape improvements, is scheduled to take place from Jan. 30 through the end of March. Due to the high traffic area, the work will take place at night.

Sanitary Lateral Rehabilitation: Performance Pipelining Inc. will continue rehabbing sanitary lateral lines for the City in 2023. The project involves televising sanitary lines and laterals, installing cleanouts, and lining laterals where needed. The project will focus on laterals along Eagle Street, Webster Street, and Main Street south of 10th Avenue and north of the BNSF Railroad lines.  

Manhole Rehabilitation: Spectra Tech Inc. will continue rehabbing sanitary manholes with a spray-on polyurea in the Westgate, Laird Woods, and Lairds Addition subdivisions, and will begin rehabbing manholes in the Naperville Highlands subdivision. This program has been used by the City for years to increase structural stability of sanitary structures, as well as reduce ground and storm water inflow and infiltration.

Large Diameter Lining: Phase 2 of the McDowell trunk sewer lining will impact the Tabor Hills, Wall Street Center, Chantecleer Lakes, Brookdale, Pebblewood East, and Prairie Lake Manor subdivisions along the south side of McDowell Road from Bond Street to Raymond Drive. The contractor, yet to be determined, will be rehabilitating the 24-inch trunk sewer lines, as well as the associated manholes.

Small Diameter Lining: A City contractor will line small diameter sanitary sewers in the Autumn Run, Pebblewood, Lake Longwood, Oakleaf & Benton, The Green of Country Lakes and The Fairway of Country Lakes subdivisions. Areas to be lined are south of Diehl Road and west of Route 59 along Fairway Drive, Oakmont Drive, Country Lakes Drive, and Pebblewood Lane, as well as a segment on the north side of Chicago Avenue east of Huffman Street.

Lateral Grouting: Naperville will begin the grouting of sanitary laterals in the Brookdale subdivision in 2023. Sanitary laterals along Paxton Drive and Paddington Avenue, to the west of Brookdale Road, will be rehabbed using a chemical grout in order to eliminate ground water infiltration into the sanitary system.

Traffic and Parking

This type of work requires large trucks and other equipment. City crews and contractors will place safety cones to keep traffic out of the immediate work area. Work will be performed in small segments and will not affect large areas at any one time. Street closures are very rare. In most cases, traffic flow and parking will be only minimally affected.

Utility Service

The only interruption you may experience is during the actual lining process. You will be asked to not use any water. This includes flushing toilets, doing laundry, showers, etc. for up to four hours duration. We will attempt to notify all affected customers and give enough notice to avoid significant inconvenience.

If you received a notice that the project was going to start on a specific date, and it appears nothing was done, please contact the Water Utility at (630) 420-6137.


You do not need to be home while this work occurs. All the work is done by the outside cleanout and the city's sanitary sewer main.  If access is needed, a city representative will contact you. The contractor will start work at 7 a.m. and stop by 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, weather permitting. 

The contractor will inform you when the work is finished, either verbally or by leaving written notification.


This type of work usually causes very little disruption to pavement and landscape. Any damage that does occur will be professionally restored after completion of each step of the work. 

Following Completion of Work

The newly lined portion of your sanitary sewer service will require little to no maintenance. However, the unlined portion may still need periodic maintenance.

After work is complete, if you smell an odd odor, please call the Water Utility at (630) 420-6137.