Riverwalk Master Plan

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Naperville Riverwalk 2031

In 2031, the City will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its establishment and the 50th anniversary of the Riverwalk. In recognition of these two milestones and the importance of the Riverwalk to the City and its visitors, there are exciting new plans to ensure the Riverwalk remains the Crown Jewel of Naperville for generations to come. 

After considerable public outreach, the Naperville Riverwalk Commission has prepared this Riverwalk 2031 Master Plan to inspire the community and its leaders and to guide Riverwalk policy and resource allocation. This plan defines a compelling bicentennial goal, measurable objectives, exciting projects and a thoughtful implementation process that, when complete, will maintain the Riverwalk’s extraordinary cultural, environmental and economic impact on Naperville’s success.

Highlights of the 2031 Riverwalk Master Plan include:

  • Expansion of the Grand Pavilion to accommodate a multitude of events
  • A new Prairie Nature Garden to showcase native ecology and habitat
  • Riverbank restoration to improve ecology, habitat and connectivity
  • A new park and gateway to North Central College
  • Improvements near Hillside Avenue to increase exposure and accommodate cyclists
  • Extension of the Riverwalk to Martin Avenue, linking to the Edward-Elmhurst Campus

View the Riverwalk 2031 Master Plan

 artist's rendering of an individual walking along the riverwalk lined with flowers and trees

This artist's rendering shows a proposed South Gateway included in the Riverwalk 2031 Master Plan.  

an artist's rendering of people enjoying a nature garden with a wooden walkway, information signs, flowers and trees

Artist's rendering of the Prairie Nature Garden.