Electric Rates

Components of Your Electric Bill

Residential Electric Utility customers pay a monthly customer charge and a monthly energy consumption charge per kilowatt hour (kWh). The monthly customer charge provides a stable revenue source to cover the fixed costs of the utility, while energy charges are based upon customers' energy usage. In addition to these charges, certain classes of commercial customers also see a monthly demand charge on their bills.

2018 Rates

In 2015, the utility conducted a three-year rate study to better plan for the future and be in a strong position to continue providing outstanding, reliable electric service.

2018 is the final year included in the most recent study, which called for annual rate increases to account for increasing purchased power costs, rebuild required cash reserves and repay a loan to the Water Utility. Effective January 2018, residential customers saw a 3.6% increase in their rates. In 2017, the average residential customer’s monthly bill was $107.53; this monthly average increased to $111.39 in 2018.

Commercial customers saw, on average, an increase of 0.75% to 3.64% depending on which of several utility classes they fall into; however, different customers saw a variation from this average depending on their usage patterns. Customers wanting more information specific to their business or organization are encouraged to contact Customer Connections Manager Maher Diab at (630) 420-4184.

Below is a table outlining changes to the most common customer classes effective January 2018. Commercial customers are encouraged to utilize the averages provided to help calculate their bills, as bills can vary widely from one business to the next.

Customer Class2018 Rates
  Monthly Customer Charge Energy Charge (kWh) Demand Charge (kWd) Average Monthly Electric Bill

Average kWh = 844

$15.60 $0.1135 N/A $111.39
Small Commercial (GS1)
Average kWh = 1,865
$30.65 $0.1147 N/A $245

Large Commercial (GS2)
Average kWh = 2,500
Average kWd = 100

$30.65 $0.0498 $23.00 $2,455

Very Large Commercial (GS2)
Average kWh = 50,000
Average kWd = 225

$30.65 $0.0498 $23.00 $7,696

Extra Large Commercial (GS2)
Average kWh = 220,000
Average kWd = 750

$30.65 $0.0498 $23.00 $28,237

Purchased Power Adjustment 

The Purchased Power Adjustment (PPA) first appeared on utility bills in Naperville in 2016. This is a monthly adjustment on your electric bill based on actual power costs. The PPA changes monthly and is based on a six-month rolling average.

 Purchased Power Adjustment 2017


Naperville enjoys some of the most competitive electric rates in the greater Chicago area when compared to communities serviced by ComEd or through municipal aggregation contracts.

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