Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA)

On June 1, 2011, the City of Naperville began purchasing electric power for its municipal Electric Utility with the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA), a not-for-profit joint action agency comprised of 32 municipal electric systems that work together to provide power supply and other related utility services for themselves. Membership in the IMEA will enable the city's electric customers to reap the benefits of ownership in electrical generation facilities that provides a greater chance of rate stabilization to 2035 and beyond.

About the IMEA

The IMEA assembles a power supply based upon a long-term, diverse mixture of generating types and fuel sources, including some hydro-electric generation, to reliably meet its members' future power and energy requirements at the lowest cost. IMEA's diversified power supply includes contracts with major power suppliers, the use of power generation owned and operated by its municipal members and power generating units owned and operated directly by the IMEA itself.

In addition, the IMEA has adopted a policy to encourage the use of wind generation by its members. 

Environmental Care

The IMEA is part of the Prairie State Energy Campus, which means that a portion of the agency's energy will come from this facility. The Energy Campus is leading a new era of coal-fueled generation through its commitment to protect the environment and will allow the utilization of Illinois coal to provide low-cost electricity to over 1.5 million families and businesses throughout the Midwest.