Design Manual for Public Improvements

The purpose of this manual is to provide developers, contractors, architects, engineers and other building professionals an easy to follow guide for development within the City of Naperville.

The Design Manual for Public Improvement (PDF) includes information on the following topics: 

  • Section 1: Commercial Site Design
    This section covers the City of Naperville guidelines for site engineering for non-residential developments and apartments. Design elements that are incorporated into this section include parking areas, driveways, lighting, and vehicular and pedestrian access including requirements for the Illinois Accessibility Code.
  • Section 2: Stormwater Management
    The design of all stormwater management systems and site development within special management areas is covered in this section. Details regarding the design of storm sewers and detention basins are also included.
  • Section 3: Sanitary Sewer Design
    This section covers the design criteria for public and private sanitary sewers, including easements, permit requirements, and manholes.
  • Section 4: Street Design
    This section includes information regarding roadway classifications, right-of-way requirements, intersection design, sidewalks, and street lighting.
  • Section 5: Water Distribution System Design
    This section addresses the requirement for the design of water mains within the City including permitting, easements, fire protection, pipe material, and valves.

The most up-to-date versions of the appendices are accessed directly from the Naperville Municipal Code. Use the links below to view or print these sections.