Standard Specifications for Construction and Standard Details

The City of Naperville Standard Specifications and Standard Details provide direction for development and construction activities within the City of Naperville.

Single Family Review

In an effort to reduce review times related to the review of detailed grading plans, top of foundation surveys and final grading surveys for single family home construction, the City of Naperville's Engineering Team has created checklists to assist the engineering community and city staff.

The checklists have been created for two types of single family home construction:

New Development

This refers to single family home construction in new subdivisions that have a master grading plan.


This refers to single family home construction in areas that were developed without a master grading plan and/or there was a home previously located on the property, which is being torn down and replaced.

Standard Construction Plan Notes for Development Projects

Various departments in the City of Naperville have identified standard notes to be included in the final engineering plans associated with development projects.

Standard Concrete Construction in the Public Right-of-Way

This booklet provides information and details related to the City of Naperville's requirements for concrete construction in the public right-of-way.

Work Zone Guide for Construction and Maintenance Projects

This booklet is a guide for individuals charged with placing traffic control devices to protect a work area. The guide is not intended to provide instructions for every situation that may require traffic control, but provides direction and examples for common maintenance operations that occur in the City of Naperville.