Land Use Master Plan

Naperville's Land Use Master Plan (previously called the Comprehensive Master Plan), first adopted in 1960, serves as a guide for growth and development in the City. It provides direction to those seeking to develop their land, as well as the decision-makers who decide whether requests should be approved. As a guiding document, the Land Use Master Plan is subject to amendments or updates from time to time to remain current in light of changed concepts, conditions and preferences.


In March of 2022, Naperville's City Council approved a new, user-friendly plan document that takes into consideration rapidly changing development concepts and trends, incorporates citizen ideas and input and consolidates area and many sub-area plans into a single, streamlined master plan that provides clear guidance to citizens, developers and community leaders.

Land Use Master Plan (2022)

Documents Providing Additional Guidance

Design guidelines and sub-area plans have been adopted in addition to the Land Use Master Plan to provide additional guidance toward the City's future development. The Land Use Master Plan works in concert with these plans and does not supersede or alter the policy and recommendations of those documents.

Naperville Downtown 2030 (2011)

The Downtown Plan was adopted on Aug. 1, 2000. The plan provides guidance for building design, land uses and physical infrastructure to support downtown development. It includes a vision for the future and specific action items to support that vision.

5th Avenue Study Area

This area has been the subject of a separate study given the amount of property owned by the City of Naperville. The 2009 plan document remains in effect as the official adopted plan for this area. Future land use for this area will be considered in the context of the City's strategic plan.

Supporting Plans & Design Guidelines

These supporting plans and design guidelines were adopted to assist in strengthening the visual quality and further guide development and redevelopment of Naperville's various areas.