Non-Residential Renewable Energy Grant Program

Nonresidential Renewable Energy Grant Program

The 2020 application process will be opening soon. Effective May 3, 2012, the City began management of this grant program in-house. As a result of management efficiencies, the City program is able to continue to source 100 percent of its renewable energy offering from Illinois-sited renewable energy facilities and also make grant funds available to directly fund local community-based renewable energy projects within Naperville. The funding source for this program are the Naperville Electric Utility customers who invest in renewable energy through their monthly contributions.

Goals of the Renewable Energy Grant Program

  1. Increase or create opportunities for our community to learn about renewable solutions.
  2. Support grant projects that measurably increase renewable energy usage and displace fossil fuels.
  3. Have grant projects that can be replicated.

Nonresidential Renewable Energy Projects that May Qualify:

  • Passive Solar Space Heat
  • Thermal Process Heat
  • Solar, Photovoltaic, Wind, Biomass and Fuel Cells
  • Solar Water Heat
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Fuel Cells Using Renewable Fuels
  • Solar Space Heat
  • Other Distributed Generation Technologies

Application Criteria

  1. Applicant must be a nonresidential Naperville Electric Utility customer.  Preference will be given to those applicants having a mission that serves the larger community and have a community education component about renewable energy solutions to their project (e.g., public or private schools, parks, museums, institutions, universities, service clubs, events, gathering spots, and places of worship, etc.).  
  2. At the time the grant application is submitted, the applicant must be a contributor to the Renewable Energy Program and for at least 24 consecutive months thereafter at the $20 per month level.
  3. Projects must be located and installed in Naperville. 

How To Apply

For more information about the grant program, email Bernie Saban at

Applications are accepted and evaluated on a competitive basis and are scored based on specific criteria, including:

  • Education & Marketing - Quality and scope of community outreach and education plan
  • Overall Aesthetics
  • Financial Implications - Return on investment
  • Environmental Implications - How will this project reduce emissions?
  • Fairness - How long has applicant been contributing to the Renewable Energy Program?

Grant Award Amount

Grant awards are limited to the following:

  • $50,000 maximum cost reimbursement award.
  • 50% of the applicant’s total cost of the energy improvement project. 
  • The City grant award amount and grants from all other sources shall not exceed the total project cost.

The City reserves the right to change the funding levels based on the number of qualified projects submitted.

Required Inspections

After receiving notice to proceed, but prior to commencing work, the applicant must notify the City’s Inspection Dispatch at (630) 420-6100, Opt. 1 and schedule a pre-project inspection. Additional inspections may be required depending on the scope of work. After all work is completed, the applicant must notify the City and schedule a post-project inspection. Failure to schedule required inspections will cause the applicant to forfeit their grant award.

Time of Funding

After the renewable energy project is completed and the applicant has scheduled and passed a post-project final inspection, the applicant will submit a signed certification that the project has been completed, along with invoices, receipts and other documentation, by email to Bernie Saban at The City will verify all work and inspections have been completed, review the final application materials and issue the project reimbursement to the recipient.