Olmec Trails: Culture and Legacy

The City of Naperville is excited to partner with the Alliance of Latinos Motivating Action in the Suburbs (ALMAS), DuPage Hispanic Alliance (DHA), Naperville Public Library, Naperville Sister Cities Foundation and Special Events and Community Arts (SECA) Commission to host two sculptures from the Olmec Trails: Culture and Legacy exhibit this summer and fall.

The City received a grant for $2,500 from Arts DuPage and JCS Arts, Health and Education Fund of the DuPage Foundation, a $1,000 donation from the Naperville Public Library and a $6,500 donation from SECA to assist with project expenses.

About the Naperville Sculptures

Downtown Naperville
Location: Nichols Library, 200 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville
Artist: Juan Aguilar Santis Chawuk, Chiapas, Mexico
Title of Work: Host to New Paths

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South Naperville
Location: 95th Street Library, 3015 Cedar Glade Dr, Naperville 
Artist: Flavio López López (Anxel), Chiapas, Mexico
Title of Work: Echoes of Identity

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Upcoming Events

An Opening Ceremony Ribbon Cutting will take place at Nichols Library, 200 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville, on Wednesday, July 24, from 5 to 6 p.m. More information will be posted as it becomes available. 

About the Exhibit

The exhibition is planned for the summer of 2024. "Olmec Trails," will be set throughout DuPage County, showcasing hand-painted, large-scale sculptures inspired by the iconic Mesoamerican Olmec heads. This county-wide art exhibition features the works of 33 contemporary artists from across North America, paying tribute to the indigenous roots of Mexican heritage and highlighting the significance of public art.

Installed in strategic locations including the Forest Preserve, the College of DuPage, and the Mayslake Estate, "Olmec Trails" offers a fresh and accessible approach to the rich culture of the Olmec civilization. The exhibition aims to connect spectators with these unique artworks, promoting healthy engagement with the outdoors and providing benefits for both physical and mental health. This ambitious project serves as a platform for cultural education and artistic appreciation, enriching the community's connection to a pivotal aspect of Mesoamerican history. 

(Exhibition description courtesy of the Cleve Carney Museum of Art.)

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About the Partners

ALMAS, or Alliance of Latinos Motivating Action in the Suburbs, is the first Latino-led and Latino-serving nonprofit organization in Naperville, IL. Its name translates to “SOULS,” highlighting the organization’s mission to amplify Latino voices and their complex stories while also uniting the area’s Latinos and Latino Allies to build a stronger community.

DuPage Hispanic Alliance is a cultural, civic, and community network that promotes the rich Hispanic culture throughout DuPage, IL and surrounding areas. Their mission is to unite Latinos and non-Latinos in preserving and promoting the richness in diversity of the Latin American heritage through educational, cultural and civic activities throughout DuPage County.

The Naperville Public Library serves the fourth-largest city in Illinois and a community of nearly 150000 people at its three locations: Nichols Library, 95th Street Library and Naperville Blvd. Library. Naperville Public Library supports all residents of Naperville in their lifelong pursuit of learning.

The Naperville Sister Cities Foundation is a nonprofit committed to connecting Naperville and its citizens to the world. The Sister City Program was initiated on a global scale in 1956 as a creative force for international cooperation and goodwill through community action. The foundation sponsors programs designed to foster inclusivity and diversity through cultural, education and business exchange between Naperville and its sister cities.

The Special Events & Community Arts (SECA) Commission assists, informs and advises the City Council on matters pertaining to the arts, culture, and special events in the city of Naperville. The commission provides recommendations to the City Council on the annual allocation of SECA funds, encourages arts, culture, and special events in the community, and provides recommendations regarding SECA fund policy, procedures, application, vision statement and goals.