Cress Creek Water Main Replacement

The City's Water/Wastewater Utility will be replacing approximately 900 feet of water main in the southern part of the Cress Creek neighborhood. The work will take place on the north side of Royal St. George, from Cress Creek Park to Flossmoor Court.

Project Timeline

Water main work on Royal St. George Drive has concluded for the year. While originally scheduled for completion in November 2018, the contractor working on the project encountered setbacks that will instead require work to be completed in spring 2019, when favorable weather conditions return.

After onsite excavation began, the contractor encountered difficult drilling conditions below ground. The contractor determined that the drilling method, which was chosen to save money and reduce soil disturbance, would not work in the area.

Work will begin again in spring using a different method. In the meantime, the Water Utility is working with the Department of Public Works' Forestry Division to evaluate alternatives for installation of the water main without removing trees.

The new completion date for the project is May 15, 2019. We regret this delay and any inconvenience it may cause to residents.

Project Benefits

This project is expected to reduce the number of water main breaks in this location, improving the quality of service and minimizing future disruption.

Impacts to the Public

All work will take place on the parkway and sidewalk areas. Access to driveways will be maintained with temporary stone ramps. Service disruptions are not anticipated, apart from a brief, 20-minute period when existing water services are transferred to the new main.

Impacted driveway aprons will be replaced after the project is complete with the original material used (concrete, brick, blacktop). Sidewalks will be replaced, the parkway resodded and any affected landscaping replanted. This area is home to several large, mature trees. Every effort will be made not to disrupt these trees by boring the new pipes underneath them.