Comprehensive Master Plan

A comprehensive master plan update began in 2019 and will result in a new, user-friendly plan document. 

Naperville's comprehensive master plan, first adopted in 1960, serves as a guide for growth and development in the city. The plan is divided into three main planning areas: the (1) east sector, the (2) northwest sector and the (3) southwest community area, as shown in the sector map. As a guiding document, the comprehensive master plan is subject to amendments or updates from time to time to remain current in light of changed concepts, conditions and preferences. In addition, design guidelines and a number of sub-area plans have been adopted for additional guidance toward the city's future development. 

East Sector Planning Area

The east sector is the largest planning area in the City, encompassing the downtown (more information below under “Downtown Planning Area”), the Historic District, North Central College, the I-88 Office corridor and numerous established neighborhoods and institutions. In 1999, the east sector plan update was approved to provide recommendations for the community needs and appropriate land uses for the entire area in this sector.

A complete list of plans, studies and guidelines updating the east sector plan (listed by alphabetical order) is available below in PDF format:

Northwest Sector Planning Area

Approved in 1996, the northwest sector plan provides recommendations for the community needs and appropriate land uses for the 6.7 square mile sector of Naperville.

Southwest Community Area

Approved in 2002, the southwest community area plan was developed in order to provide guidance to the development of the area, which experienced rapid development between the early 1990s through early 2000s.  In addition, the southwest community area commercial design guidelines were created in order to provide guidance in the design of commercial areas and create a more cohesive and functional physical environment for commercial properties within the southwest community area.

Downtown Planning Area

Located within the east sector, the downtown has an image and character very different from other areas in Naperville and is often addressed as a distinct planning area. The Downtown Plan was adopted on August 1, 2000. The plan provides guidance for building design, land uses, and physical infrastructure to support downtown development. It includes a vision for the future and specific action items to support that vision.

Citywide Design Guidelines

Design guidelines communicate community design values and preference. They were adopted to assist in strengthening the visual quality and guide the development and redevelopment of Naperville's various areas with respect to building and site design.