Developments Under Review

The information shared on this page provides the public with the opportunity to review draft applications not yet scheduled for Plan Commission and/or City Council action. All documents are:

  1. the most recent draft submittals provided to the City of Naperville;
  2. not yet approved;
  3. currently under review by City Staff; and
  4. are subject to change prior to any public hearing.

To view a project file, you must select the link and download any files you wish to review. There is no option to “preview” the files; you must download the file to review its contents.

PLEASE NOTE: The official copy of any application scheduled for public hearing before the Planing and Zoning Commission and/or City Council will be posted on the Planing and Zoning Commission and/or City Council of which it is to be discussed. Official copies that are included on agendas have been reviewed by staff for compliance with City codes and ordinances.

Projects Under Review – Not Yet Scheduled for Plan Commission