Julian Street Road Reconstruction and Storm Sewer Improvements

Julian Street Closure

Julian Street will be closed between Gartner Road and Woodlawn Avenue  through September 22. 

The City of Naperville is working with Copenhaver Construction on a two-phase construction project on the Julian Street between Porter Avenue and Gartner Road. Rolling closures are expected to take place through mid-November, with both phases running concurrently. During working hours, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., residents will be asked to park on adjacent streets or remain in their driveway. The contractor will backfill and safely button up the street at the end of each working day. Residents will then have access to driveways and garages outside of working hours.

Phase 1- Julian Street Storm Sewer Improvements (Prairie Avenue to Porter Avenue)

Installation of a 36-inch storm sewer in the northbound lane of Julian Street between Prairie and Porter avenues. The new storm sewer will drain north and tie into the existing 54-inch storm sewer on Porter Avenue. For questions regarding the Julian Street storm sewer improvements, please contact Ray Fano, PE, CFM at (630) 305-5534.

Phase 2- Julian Street Reconstruction (Gartner Road to Prairie Avenue)

Reconstruction of the roadway to bring the street up to City standards. The improvements as part of this reconstruction include public utilities, additional storm sewer, box culvert, curb and gutter, sidewalks as well as street lighting. For questions regarding the Julian Street reconstruction, please contact Phil Tartaglia at (630) 305-5203.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline of construction?
Construction is planned to start the week of May 24th and end mid-November, weather permitting.

Will my sprinklers be damaged?
The Contractor will do their best to avoid damage or hitting private sprinkler systems but will not be responsible for the damage. The City asks you please mark with spray paint or flag any sprinkler heads prior to the start of work in front of your residences. If you do not have paint or flags, please reach out to one of the Engineers. Contact information was provided in the letters.

Will the tree in front of my house be removed?
Trees are being removed up and down the Julian Street Corridor. Tree trimming is one of the first operations to begin, please be patient and look for crews in the next couple of weeks following Monday, May 24th to remove the marked trees.

What will happen to my driveway?
During installation of utilities and or roadway construction a portion or the full apron will be removed in front of your home. The contractor will be placing stone at the end of each working day for residents to maintain access after working hours.

How long will I be out of my driveway?
During the installation of the utilities your driveway access will be restored at the end of each working day. After completion of the utilities, your driveway will be restored. Those with asphalt/brick driveways will lose access for 3-5 days and those with concrete 3-10 days.

Will I be ticketed for parking overnight on the street?
No. The Naperville police department is being notified and provided maps of the limits of construction and will not be ticketing overnight during the time of construction.

Will my water be shut down?
Water shutdowns may be required for short periods of time. If a watermain shut down is required residents will be notified 48 hours in advance and provided a specific date, time and duration of the water shut off.

What if someone living at my home has a special need like a surgery or a move out/in date?
Please reach out to one of the Engineers at the contact information provided in the letters, and they will be happy to accommodate how they may.