Streambank Stabilization Project

The City’s South-Central Interceptor Sewer is located along the eastern shoreline of the West Branch of the DuPage River. This interceptor sewer conveys approximately 7.5 million gallons a day of sanitary sewage from the northeastern area of the City to the Springbrook Water Reclamation Center for treatment.

Erosion of the shoreline is now threatening the integrity of a 7,000-linear foot segment of 36” to 42” sanitary sewer between 75th Street and Santa Maria Drive.

The purpose of the project is to provide stabilization measures such as boulder revetment and native plantings to restore the riverbank along this corridor and assure long-term integrity of the interceptor sewer.

The project will take place in phases, with the first phase completed in October 2020 and the second phase currently ongoing through the end of December 2022.

Project Details and Timeline

Crews are currently working on Phase two of the project, which is located on the east bank of the river from 75th Street to Hobson Road, along Hobson Mill Drive from Hobson Road to Le Provence Circle and portions of Veteran’s Park north of Gartner Road to Santa Maria Drive. Work will consist of the placement of boulders, soil, native plantings and other stabilization measures to restore the river bank and prevent further erosion through this corridor.

The general contractor began tree removals the week of August 29 and will work throughout the summer and fall, with a target completion date of December 31, 2022.

All impacted property owners have been directly notified of the work.

Access to Private Properties

The City has obtained temporary access agreements from individual property owners for work across their back yards. Work will be limited to the land along the streambank and will not impact access to homes or roads in the area.

Work Site

Tools, machines, and supplies may be left at the sight overnight. Please keep children, pets, bikes, cars, and trucks away from the tools, machines, supplies, and workers.

Work Schedule

Work schedules can change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, such as problems with tools, machines, or supplies. Work may start and stop depending on these factors.