Naperville Fire Cadets

Fire Explorers in Training

The Cadet program was established in 1992 to offer young men and women an insight to the field of fire and EMS services. At the same time, the post members provide services to the fire department and the community.

The Cadets meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at Naperville Fire Station No. 4 from 7 – 9 p.m. to "explore" the inner workings of the Naperville Fire Department and the jobs of its firefighters/paramedics. Training covers hose line advancement, ladders, ventilation, search and rescue, fire behavior, water supply, salvage and overhaul, extinguishers and EMS.

Cadet Qualifications

Minimum Standards for Application

Cadet applicants shall be at least high school freshman, age 14 and not yet 21 years of age. Applicants may be male or female. Applicants must complete the official Naperville Fire Cadet application in order to be considered for membership. Applicants must provide at least three references (not relatives) that can attest to the applicant's morals and character. The applicant must also have a stable, and at least average, grade point average at his or her school. The applicant must also be free of any past arrests or convictions thereof which may be considered serious in the eyes of the public. The applicant shall submit the completed application to the Post Advisor as soon as possible.

Naperville Fire Explorers

Selection of Applicants

All applicants must pass a background investigation prior to being admitted to Cadet Probationary Firefighter status.

Pre-investigation of Applicants

An investigation to determine the suitability of each applicant shall be conducted in accordance with the official manual, and the results of said investigation shall be kept in the strictest confidence. Candidates with serious criminal records, questionable loyalty or morals or unstable mental or biological health may be rejected if the investigation reveals facts which warrant same.

Consent Form, Waiver and Release

Prior to being accepted for Probationary Cadet Firefighter status, and upon each anniversary date, Cadets shall complete and submit the required consent, waiver and release forms located in the official manual.


Firefighter/Paramedic Chris Garon
Station 10/Shift 3

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