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It is normal for a child to be curious about fire. Children want to learn about the world around them. Because your child is curious about fire does not mean there is something wrong with him/her. But when the interest becomes dangerous behavior such as unsupervised experimentation with fire, intervention is essential. If you suspect that your child is lighting fires, playing with matches, lighters, fireworks, or has even had one fire experimentation incident, you need to take action.

Nationally, over 50% of all arson arrests are youths under the age of 18. By addressing your child’s fire play early, you can take a positive step in ensuring that your child will not be included in those statistics.

The Facts

  • Fires and burns are one of the leading cause of injury and death to children.
  • Children are twice as likely to die in fire than adults.
  • Nationally, 85% of people who die in child-set fires are children.

The Program

The Y-FIRE Program is a brief one-time assessment/education session designed to enlighten parents and children about fire safety and the consequences of fire play. Our program is committed to the identification and education of fire setting behavior above and beyond the traditional fire prevention program currently being delivered to children in the school. This program is geared toward youth identified as already active with fire play or fire curiosity.

During the session your child will learn why fire is dangerous for juveniles, how quickly fire spreads, what arson means, and the consequences of burns, i.e. the pain and lifetime scars. An educational video will be shown that is appropriate to his/her age to reinforce the session.


A critical time period for involving families in the Y-FIRE program is within the first few weeks of the incident. Contact should be made as soon as possible after the incident to help facilitate early intervention. Children from 2-17 years of age are eligible to participate in the program with the content being presented at an age appropriate level.

If a child is suspected or there is evidence of fire play, any individual can make a referral. To make a referral please click on one of the two links below and complete the attached form. You will be notified that the information has been received and processed. Best judgment practices will be used to safeguard confidentiality when dealing with outside inquiries. Furthermore, any data collected will be used for research and accountability only.

Referral forms may be sent to

Naperville Fire Department
Y-FIRE Program
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