Sustainable Energy

The City of Naperville is advancing sustainable energy use by in a variety of ways. Learn more about these sustainable solutions below.

Smart Thermostat Rebate

The Electric Utility offers rebates to residential utility customers who buyThermostat-578x385px.jpg and install smart thermostats – which adjust automatically and remotely to temperature preferences and help save energy. 

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Electric Vehicle Charging

The City encourages installation of electric vehicle charging stations and advises customers to contact the Naperville Electric Utility before beginning the installation process. The City is offering up to a $500 rebate for a Level 2 or 3 charging station for both residential and nonresidential use.

What to know before electric vehicle charging station installation

Solar Energy

City-Owned Solar Facilities

Naperville strongly supports the pursuit of more clean, renewable energy, including the installation of solar panels right here in the community. Beyond our Renewable Energy Program, which offers rebates to residents, businesses and other organizations who choose to install solar panels on their property, the City has invested in solar energy installations on the Municipal Center (56.3 kW capacity, installed in October 2018), Public Works Service Center (54.7 kW capacity, installed in February 2020), and the Electric Service Center (57.8 kW capacity, installed in December 2020).  Energy generated by these solar installations is used directly at these buildings, thereby reducing the City’s demand for electricity from the grid. This helps lower carbon dioxide emissions and pollution from power plants and reduce our energy costs.

Residential Solar Facilities

Naperville Electric Utility customers have the right to interconnect their own solar facilities to the City’s utility distribution system. The Utility offers incentives up to $1,750 ($250/kW AC at AC Inverter, 7 kW AC Max.), based on the size of the system, for residential solar panel installations and provides a solar installation checklist to guide residents through the process.

View solar panel guidelines

Renewable Energy Program

The Naperville Renewable Energy Program provides funding for projects that expand opportunities to learn about renewable solutions, increase renewable energy usage to help displace fossil fuels and can be replicated. Customers support the program through an additional charge on their monthly utility bill. Commercial customers can apply for grants that are funded by the program.

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Energy Efficiency Grant Programs

The City offers a variety of rebate and grant programs to support customers installing renewable energy projects, smart thermostats, air conditioners and energy-efficient attic insulation/windows or scheduling tuneups for a furnace blower motor or air conditioner. Natural gas utility Nicor Gas and the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency offer rebates for Naperville residents as well.

View available energy efficiency rebates

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Station

thumbnail_Naperville-CNG-Station-1.jpgIn late 2020, the City – along with private CNG provider Trillium and refuse contractor Groot Industries – opened Naperville’s first CNG fueling station. The unstaffed station, which is open to the public 24 hours a day at 1720 W. Jefferson Ave., features multiple CNG dispensers for light- and heavy-duty fueling.

In 2021, the City, Trillium and Groot received the Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition’s Public-Private Partnership Award for the station and its presence as a cleaner energy source that helps reduce emissions from fleet vehicles.

Learn about the compressed natural gas station

Powering Our Community for the Future

For details about Naperville's environmentally friendly decisions and future-focused energy use, visit our Electric Utility's Powering Our Community for the Future page. 

IMEA (Illinois Municipal Electric Agency)

The Illinois Municipal Electric Agency Energy Efficiency Program helps customers of utilities in member cities, including Naperville, reduce their electric demand and consumption, thereby reducing wholesale power costs. Grant funding is available to non-residential customers for energy improvements such as installation of efficient fans and motors or LED lighting, refrigeration or HVAC systems.

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