Sustainability for Businesses

Business owners and operators can take several positive steps to enhance sustainability. Learn how the City supports businesses as we work toward a healthier and more sustainable future. 

Pursue Energy Efficiency Upgrades

  • Apply for a Renewable Energy Grant. Grants can cover 50% of the total cost of the energy-improvement project, as a $50,000 maximum reimbursement award. Grants from the City and all other sources must not exceed the total project cost.
  • Apply for an energy efficiency grant to help save money on your operating costs. Energy efficiency grants are available from the City’s Renewable Energy Program and from our power supplier, the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA).
    • Renewable Energy Grant
      • Naperville’s Renewable Energy Program enables customers to make voluntarily monthly donations through their electric bills to support the City’s investment in renewable energy. Through effective in-house management of the program, the City has been able to save money and is investing it back into the community through Renewable Energy Grants.
      • Funding for the Non-Residential Renewable Energy Grants is available in 2023.
    • IMEA Electric Efficiency Grants
      • The IMEA Electric Efficiency Program helps IMEA member cities like Naperville and their customers reduce their electric demand and consumption, thereby reducing wholesale power costs. This allows members to shift dollars for other needs and to enhance their economic climate by making utility costs more affordable for established and potential businesses.
      • Funding for IMEA Electric Efficiency Grants is available in 2023. 

Establish Native Plants

Naperville encourages property owners to incorporate native plants in their landscapes because they help catch, keep and clean rainwater where it falls, reducing the amount of polluted stormwater that reaches our rivers. Shop our annual Arbor Day Tree Sale for native varieties and follow these tips for other native plants:

Potted trees in rows awaiting purchase at the department of public works

  1. Go local. Visit your local plant nursery for the best selection of native plants.
  2. Save water. Once established, native plants do not need to be watered every day like most ornamental plants. Check the soil before you decide to water. If your plants need water, do so during the cooler part of the day.
  3. Get established. Like any other plant, perennial native plants need care. To ensure new native plants thrive, continue to weed and trim your garden.
  4. Cut the fertilizer. Native plants thrive in our area and don’t need fertilizers or pesticides.

    Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

    Before applying for a building permit to install an electric vehicle charging station in a nonresidential building, please contact Ben Hendron,

    Encourage Sustainable Practices Among Employees and Customers