Sylvan Circle & E. Porter Avenue Watermain and Roadway Improvement Project

The City Department of Water/Wastewater has identified the need to upgrade the existing watermain along Sylvan Circle and E. Porter Avenue and, as a partner on this project, the Transportation, Engineering, and Development Department has identified the need to improve Sylvan Circle and E. Porter Avenue Roadways. The goal of this project is to upgrade and loop the watermain providing better water flow, pressure, and circulation while also creating a better driving experience for motorists by addressing certain aspects of the substandard roadways. 

The project includes replacing approximately 3000-feet of watermain and providing a looped connection which currently does not exist. The potential roadway improvement options are widening and re-aligning the roadway; installing new pavement, curbs and gutters, storm sewer system; and installing a new street lighting system. Additionally, an option of installing sidewalk will be reviewed with public input taken into consideration. Work is expected to begin in 2024.